Window tint can add a stylish enhancement to a vehicle. However, when the tint is full of air bubbles, it can look quite bad. Remember that air bubbles are not the norm. If you see this imperfection, it is an indication that something is not right. Learn more about how these bubbles form so you can avoid them.

Poor Workmanship

One of the more common reasons for air bubbles in tinted windows is poor workmanship. Ideally, any tint application should be performed by a trained professional. Otherwise, it should come as no surprise that the tint application will not last a long time. 

Incorrect adhesive application, poor surface preparation, and using the incorrect installation tools are just some of the common errors that present themselves when an inexperienced person attempts to perform a tint application. Even if there are not bubbles right away, they will likely soon form. 

Low-Grade Window Tint

The type of window tint used will also affect the likelihood of air bubbles forming. High-grade window tint is the best option. The problem with low-grade tint is that over time, exposure to the elements, such as extreme heat, will cause the tint to separate from the adhesive. 

Even when there is just a small area of separation, air will fill the gap, and ultimately an air bubble will form. High-grade tints do a better job of staying attached to the adhesive, even when exposed to less-than-ideal weather conditions. An installer can help you choose a window tint that will last.

Unhelpful Vehicle Care

It is also important to keep in mind that how you care for your car will affect how likely you are to experience air bubbles. First, try to park your vehicle inside as much as you can, particularly if you live in a very hot climate, such as the desert. In these types of environments, even with high-grade window tint, the heat can cause the tint to detach from the adhesive over time. Parking in a shaded area or a garage can help. 

You also want to be mindful of how you wash your vehicle. For example, don't use any adhesive towels or scrubbers on your windows, as these tools can cause tiny tears in the window tint that will allow air to get inside and cause an air bubble to form.

Make sure you contact a company that offers window tinting services to avoid these problems and to ensure that your window tint lasts.