Repairing and installing windows happens relatively often in many households. Windows are naturally fragile, which means that that they will get damaged at some point in time. Whether this is caused by a stray baseball or a tree branch in a storm, you'll have your work cut out for you.

However, window installation and repair isn't always as simple as it looks. If the job isn't done properly, the window may be more susceptible to damage in the future or may result in lower energy efficiency. With this in mind, is it a good idea to handle the installation and repair of your windows on your own?

Are the Windows Ready to Install?

If you're getting a window that only requires some assembly to complete the job, then you should be able to handle everything without expert assistance. Many manufacturers now make windows that are designed to be much simpler to install.

However, if you're not getting a window that's easy to install or if there is a lot of measuring and cutting involved, you may want to hire an expert instead. Cutting glass panes, for instance, is a job that's difficult to perform accurately.

How Large Are the Windows?

The size of the frame and the individual panes is another critical factor when deciding whether to install or repair your windows on your own. The difficulty in installing or repairing windows increases with size. Both the size and weight of larger windows and panes will make handling them difficult and, possibly, dangerous. Even if you won't need an expert's assistance, you'll need someone else to help you to finish the job.

Are You Familiar with the Proper Sealing of Windows?

Unless you understand what it takes to seal your windows, you should probably leave the installation and repair of windows to someone who knows better. Many people are finding it increasingly challenging to make their houses more energy-efficient. Windows are to blame for much of the heat lost from most houses even when they are properly sealed. So, if your window has any gaps or holes around the frame, your heating bills can increase significantly.

How Many Windows Are Being Repaired or Installed?

It can take you the better part of a day to install or repair a window, especially if you're inexperienced. If there are multiple windows that need to be fixed or installed, it will be much easier to seek the assistance of a professional window installation service.