You have your sights set on a humble abode—a really humble one in the form of a tiny home. You start looking at all the ways you can make this place home, and picking out windows is part of that process. 

Skylight Windows 

Skylight windows make good sense in a small living space because they do not take up valuable wall space. These windows can be mounted overhead in the roof, and some of them are designed in a way that allows them to be open and closed. Skylights are excellent because they let in natural lighting, which can really help open up a smaller space and make it feel less constricted. Another positive aspect to skylights is they come in a range of shapes and sizes, so they can be worked in even if you do not have a lot of room to work with on the roof and they can easily be installed after construction. 

Transom Windows 

Transom windows have been around for quite a while, and they serve a few different purposes in most homes. Transom windows usually sit higher on the wall than other traditional windows. For example, transoms may be long and rectangular and installed along the top of a wall or just over the top of the windows. If you have transom windows on both sides of the tiny house, they can be opened up to allow a nice cross breeze, which can help with cooling on warmer days or just help with airing out the house. 

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are probably one of the most commonly opted for window types in tiny homes and smaller homes in general. Sliding windows slide back and forth to open, so they do not take up space because of swing-out sashes. You can find sliding windows that are relatively small, so they make a really good fit in areas where there is not a lot of wall space to work with. For instance, a tiny home bathroom can be relatively little and only have one wall where a window could logically go. In these situations, a small sliding window could work out well. 

The more time you spend picking out the basic structural details like windows in your tiny home, the more satisfied you will be when you move in. Reach out to a window and door center for more information about replacement windows in your tiny home.