Do you drive up to your home and dread it because of how outdated and dumpy it looks? If your home is stuck in the last century, then it's time to take things into your own hands and try these three ways to spruce up the exterior. Read on to learn more. 

Get a New Entry Door

Your entry door is really a focal point on the exterior. If you have an old, outdated door then it's only doing your home a giant disservice. When choosing a new front door, look for something that's a little bit more modern and that doesn't have any stained or beveled glass in it; those are two trends that were left in the 90's but are still available at many home improvement stores. After you order the new front door that you want, make sure to hire an entry door installation company to come out and hang it for you. 

Paint Your Exterior

If there's one trend that's popular in exterior design right now, it's white paint. Whether your home is siding or brick, you can completely update and transform the entire look of the exterior of your home with a few coats of white exterior paint. Whether you decide to paint the house on your own or if you decide to hire a professional painting company, make sure that before the whole thing is done that you try a small space out first to make sure that the color really is the look that you are going for overall. 


In addition to getting a new front door and exterior paint, landscaping can also really transform the entire look of your home. If your lawn is dead, then you should probably have it replaced with either some new sod or you can do something a little more eco-friendly like xeroscaping. When choosing new plants and flowers for your yard, make sure that they are not only something that you like the look of but that they will flourish in the climate that you live in. Because landscaping is expensive, you only want to have to pay for everything once. 

Now that you know just how to bring the exterior of your home into this century, it's time to schedule an appointment with a few different contractors and get bids on all of these services. Remember that even though it may be a little bit expensive upfront, it will all be worth it in the long run.