If you are in the process of putting new siding on your house and you live somewhere in a wet climate, you should seriously consider installing a rain screen siding system. A rain screen siding system is placed between the water resistant barrier on your home and your new siding. Its purpose it to provide a gap of air between your siding and your water resistant barrier in order to allow the exterior walls of your home to better manage moisture. Here are three more reasons why you should install a rain screen system when you put your new siding on your home.

#1 Wicking Will Be Limited

On the side of your home, you may have noticed that beads of water develop on the outside of your siding, even when it doesn't seem like it should be wet outside. This process is known as wicking and happens because water that has been trapped inside of your exterior walls are trying to escape.

When you have a rain screen in place, there is a capillary break that exists between your siding and your home. This small break of space where air is able to flow reduces the occurrence of wicking.  

#2 Water Damage Will Be Limited

Typically, water builds up on siding and sheathing, and because the water is not able to evaporate, that damage can become concentrated in your siding at specific points.

However, when you have a rain screen in place water damage will be greatly reduced. Instead, any water that gets in between your siding and your sheathing will be redistributed to a new location via the rain screen. This will allow the water to naturally evaporate and diffuse and will limit the chances that you'll experience any additional damage to your siding in the future.

#3 Water Will Drain Out

Even when you feel like your siding is firmly attached to your home, water can work its way in between the barriers to your home and your siding. With a small gap created by a water screen, water will not get stuck and damage your home. Instead, water will have a pathway to drain downward via weep holes that are found at the bottom of a rain screen. This will help keep your walls dry. 

When you have your new siding installed, talk to your contractor about installing a rain screen between your water protective barrier on the outside of your home and your siding. This rain screen system will help keep water form getting inside of your home and ruining your siding. For more information, contact local professionals like Specialty Lumber Solutions.