Real hardwood shutters will give any room in your house a decorative touch. The shutters can be used to give rooms a casual, rustic look, or a refined and elegant style. Your options are almost limitless when it comes to decorating a space featuring real wood shutters.

Although authentic hardwood shutters are a bit pricier than their faux counterparts, they'll most likely end up lasting longer with the proper care and maintenance. Because they are so durable, the real wood window treatments may end up being more cost-effective in the long run.

You can install wood shutters in any room in your home, from a master bedroom and bath to a living room or kitchen. Not only do they look attractive, but they're also easy to operate as well. You can simply close the blinds for total privacy, or let any amount of sunshine you want in.

Here are some decorating tips for rooms featuring hardwood shutters:

Living Room 

As one idea, give your living or family room a casually elegant coastal look with white shutters. You can also choose timeworn-looking whitewashed shutter to create a relaxing beach house vibe. 

Choose either light-colored or white wood furniture to keep the look fresh and airy, and choose either a white or nautical blue couch. Drape a throw blanket featuring anchor or seashell designs over the sofa, and complement them with matching pillows.

Put your seashell collection to good use by placing them into a fillable clear glass lamp base, or by gluing them around a plain wood picture frame to create one-of-a-kind wall art. If you have wood floors, choose rugs in a natural, eco-friendly bamboo, jute or sisal material. 


Create a warm and inviting retreat in your bedroom with dark cherry or mahogany wood shutters, which will keep the space dim when you want it to be. Choose a bed headboard and a furniture set, such as a dresser, desk and night stand, in a matching dark wood to create a cohesive look.

Lighten up the space with cream-colored rugs and bed comforter, and add pops of color with yellow, orange or turquoise throw pillows, lamp shades, and other textiles. 


Shutters made of a light-colored wood, such as oak or birch, will give your bathroom a serene, spa-like feel. Use a matching bamboo shower mat, and shower curtain featuring soothing, nature-inspired designs such as lavender plants or green leaves.

Hang real or realistic-looking faux plants from the ceiling, or place their pots on wall shelves. White candles will give the bathroom a clean appearance during the day and a warm glow at night.