No matter the age or style of your home, its ability to be energy efficient is one of its most important features. With rising energy costs, it can be helpful to your budget and your personal comfort to keep your home as energy efficient as possible. Here are two tips to help you improve your home's energy efficiency via its windows.

Upgrade Your Windows

There are many options to make your windows more energy efficient. First, you can add exterior or interior low-emissive storm windows to help insulate and regulate your home's indoor temperature. These windows are installed right over your existing windows on your home's interior or exterior. You can also choose to replace your windows entirely with new triple-paned or similar energy efficient windows. 

If your windows are older windows, you can have a window professional repair your windows to increase their efficiency. This can include adding caulking or weatherstripping, replacing chipped or broken glass, or double-glazing your existing windows to add another pane of glass into the window frame. You can also add energy efficient window film onto the window glass to help reduce the convection and conduction of your windows throughout the seasons. 

Install Window Treatments

By installing window treatments in your windows, you can help make your home more energy efficient. Adding curtains or window blinds can keep heat from escaping through your windows in the winter and can prevent heat from entering your windows during summer. Especially if your curtains are made of heavy fabric, are thermal, or consist of two layers of fabric, they can help block hot or cool drafts from moving into or out of your home through the windows.

It is recommended to place the curtains close to the windows so they don't allow a gap between the wall and the floor where energy can escape. Adding a cornice to the top of your curtains and the rod can help prevent heat from entering your home during the summer.

It is important to know how to use your curtains according to the season to get the most benefit from them. During the winter, open your curtains to allow sunlight into your home to help keep your home warm and take advantage of solar heat gain. During summer, close your curtains against the incoming sun to keep out the sun's direct rays, especially during the heat of the day. Make sure your curtains are lined with a light-colored lining. Curtains with light-colored linings can reflect the sun's ultraviolet light back outside during the summer to keep your home cooler.

Use these two ways to help keep your home energy efficient. Contact a company like Energy Star Construction to learn more.