Installing new windows in your home is definitely a smart decision energy-wise. Another great thing about window replacement is that it modernizes the inside and outside of your home. It is like getting two remodels for the price of one. This ultimately makes it quite cost effective. This article explains what to look for in new windows if you want to increase the efficiency of your building. 

Find the Right U-Value

If you want the most efficient product, you want to find something that has a U-value rating that is appropriate for your climate. The U-value is a measurement of the rate of hear loss. Most windows will have the U-value printed directly on the tag. It is also likely that the window or home improvement store that you buy your product from will have the appropriate values for your local climate. Obviously, if you live in San Diego, you probably won't be finding products that are insulated for Alaskan weather. Typically, a higher U-value will come with a higher price tag. But, this could eventually end up paying for itself through your reduced utility bills. Talk to a professional like those at The H Window for guidance in choosing the right U-value.

Window Panes

Another important thing to consider is the construction of your window panes. Most modern windows have at least two panes. However, you can find products with up to three or four glass panes. This is tremendously helpful when it comes to solar absorption and heat loss. The space between each individual glass pane is often filled with pressurized argon gas to further reduce heat transfer. You also have the option of tinted windows, but this these often take a little bit of TLC over the years because they are fragile and susceptible to scratching.

Choose a Durable Material

You also want to choose a product that will not lose its efficiency over the years. Materials like wood can become less efficient over the years. Usually, constant sun and water exposure can wear down these materials. This can result in the window warping. Also, this could cause the glass pane to become loose inside the window sash. If you do want wooden windows, you definitely need to maintain them to preserve their energy efficiency.

Materials like vinyl and fiberglass are much easier to maintain. They don't require any special painting or staining to protect them from the elements. Over the years, if you invest in new, energy efficient windows that require minimum maintenance, you will save money.