If you have a window in your home that you need to replace, look for these three things in your next replacement window.

#1 Check The Energy Performance Rating

The first thing that you are going to want to do is check the energy performance rating of the window that you want to purchase. The window is going to be in your home for years to come; you want to make sure that the window will help keep the heat and cold out of your home.

When looking at the energy performance rating, you are going to want to make sure that the window you purchase has a low U-Factor as well as a low solar heat gain coefficient. You are going to want to choose a window that has the lowest set of numbers. 

#2 Go For Extra Panes

It is best to go for additional panes in your windows. Installing triple-paned windows will help increase the energy efficient of your new replacement window.

Installing triple-pane windows throughout your home will help reduce your heating and cooling costs, as they are more insulated than double-pane windows. Additionally, triple-pane windows will help cut down on noise from outside. Triple-pane windows may cost a little more upfront, but they should pay for themselves through decreased heating costs. 

There are quadruple-pane windows on the market, but those types of windows are still really expensive and may not be worth the value. 

#3 Install New Trim

Third, you are going to want to install new trim on your window. Don't use the old trim that was around your windows previously. The old trim will most likely get damaged while removing the old window and installing the new window.

New trim will help ensure that your new window is properly installed and sealed. It will also help ensure that your new window looks good in your home. New trim will give your new window a much more polished and professional look.

When you purchase new trim, chose the material carefully. Trim such as vinyl is really durable and can hold up well for years on your home. Trim such as wood can more easily become damaged and requires a lot more care and maintenance.

When you purchase replacement windows for your home, make sure they have low energy ratings, triple panes, and new vinyl trim. This will help ensure that your new windows are strong and sturdy and will last a long time. For more information, contact a company like JFK Window & Door Co.