Your dining room is a focal point of your home and often the area where people hang out the most. You want your windows to be inviting both in decor and their ability to let in amazing light when needed. Here are some ideas for the best drapery and window treatments for your dining room windows to really make the room comfortable.


Dining room blinds should be durable and attractive. Wooden blinds are a great choice because they offer a classic, rustic appeal to the room, which can make it appear warmer and more inviting. You can buy pine, walnut, maple, or even cherry wood blinds in their natural grain or painted in vivid colors (white, turquoise, black, and navy being popular choices) to match your home's decor. Blinds are best for your windows if you want to be able to control how much light comes into the room without adding heavy drapery that creates bulk. Sheer gauze or lace curtains complete the look of your installed blinds.

If you cannot afford wood blinds but you love the look, consider vinyl instead. Vinyl blinds look similar to wood blinds in style and come in a variety of hues for a fraction the real wood cost.

Layered drapes

Whether you have blinds installed in your dining room windows or not, you can add allure to your dining room with beautiful drapes in thin layers. The underlayer of your drapery should be energy efficient in style to block out the heat and light of the sun, and can be a bold floral or striped pattern, or a solid hue. Layers that follow should be sheer, such as ivory lace, to add dramatic effect. If you want to do a window scarf, make sure it is a different color than your drapes while still matching with the same color scheme or pattern. A common choice for window scarves are metallic hues, such as silver, copper, or even bronze.

When adding drapery to your windows, make sure you take the size of your dining room into play so you don't overshadow the rest of the room with your window treatment choices. If you have a smaller dining area, then pastel drapery or lighter-hued blinds may be your best option, in colors like sea foam, ocean blue, or even baby pink. If your dining area is larger, more dramatic hues such as golden rod or eggplant would fit nicely in your windows.