If you have a bathroom on the bottom floor of your home, you most likely do not wish to have people peeking inside when you are using the area. If your room is in a shaded area, you are most likely concerned about the amount of light the room receives as well. Instead of using curtains or drapes, which can obscure the lighting and make the room even darker, try some of the following solutions in getting the privacy you desire without losing natural light.

Add A Covering To The Glass

Add white, patterned, peel-and-stick contact paper to your bathroom's window pane. This will allow for natural light to get into the room while making it more difficult for those on the outside of the home to look inside. You can change the paper with different patterned options whenever you wish. Alternately, a commercial frosting agent can be used to change the appearance of the pane. This is a permanent solution, so it is important to test the spray on a piece of glass other than your window first to determine whether you like the appearance of the result after it is sprayed.

Consider Getting New Windows

A window installation service can put in a new window to meet the privacy criteria you have. A window with blinds already in place between the panes of glass will allow you to open and close them whenever you want privacy or light to be let into the room. This is an easier option than using bulky blinds or curtains which require constant cleaning. A window with opaque or crushed glass can also be used to keep the interior of your bathroom from being seen by those from the outside. Call a window installation service to inquire about the brands of windows they have available, and ask to see samples of the panes before making a decision on which type to place in the room.

Tint Windows To Obscure The View

Window tint can be a welcome addition to a room that you feel does not have enough privacy. This can be applied to the interior pane of glass on your own. Tint is available in a variety of shades, allowing you to select the amount of privacy the window will receive. The great part about using this method to alter the view is that the interior of the room will remain well-lit, while the exterior will be a bit darker.