It is important for you to make sure that you are staying aware and focused on spotting any potential signs or hints of replacement needs that your windows may be giving you. This way, bad windows will not continue to get worse for very long before you take the time to replace them.

The Surrounding Materials Are Becoming Damaged

Around the window itself, you will find drywall. You could also have trim work and a window seal that you added to give your windows a more finished look. Make sure that you are taking a close look at all of these things. If your window has leaked a lot in the past or is currently leaking, you will notice that there is some destruction to the materials. The wooden materials may be swollen, falling out of line, or they could be starting to crack. The drywall that is surrounding the window could be wet, or if the leak is not active at the moment, it could be swollen or even missing in sections. These are all signs that your window needs to be replaced. Once the new window is in place, you will find that you can then begin on replacing the old building materials.

You Are Cold When Sitting Next To The Window

It does not matter if is it ten below zero outside, if your windows are in good shape, you should not be cold at all when you are sitting next to them. Therefore, whether you are noticing a distinct breeze hitting you or you simply feel a coldness that is radiating off of the entire window, this should be a very clear sign that it is time to have the window replaced. It is no longer energy efficient, so you will soon begin to notice that your energy bills will start to get much higher, if you have not noticed that already. This is because your HVAC equipment is going to have to work much harder to keep the interior of your home a comfortable temperature for yourself.

It Cannot Stay Open On Its Own

Do not make the mistake of believing that propping a residential window open with some old books is just something that has to be done as a window ages. This is not only unacceptable, it is completely dangerous. Because of the danger that it presents, it often times would cause a homeowner to fail their home inspection if an inspector had to evaluate the property. The reason your windows are no longer staying open on their own is probably because the weights or pull system within the window has malfunctioned or broke. Either way, the most efficient way to solve this problem is to simply replace the window.

To help ensure that the new windows you purchase are installed properly, you will need to get in touch with a window installation company in your area, such as Beissel Window & Siding.