There are numerous problems and issues that can occur in a person's home that they may tend to blame on their roofing structure. However, many of these issues that could be associated with a roof problem may also occur due to problems with the gutters rather than the roof. In order to be sure that you are planning the right project for your home improvement needs, you should get to know some of the signs and reasons that you could need to invest in gutter installation either along with or instead of a new roof. Then you can be sure that you are solving your home improvement problems and getting your home back in good working order.

Your Roof is Bulging or Sagging Near the Edges

One of the primary signs that your gutters have an issue is actually damage to your roof, specifically the portion of the roof just next to the gutters (the edge of your home). If the gutters are damaged or clogged, water and debris may build up in the gutters causing it to be pushed up underneath the shingles on your roof.

When this happens, the underlying roofing structure may appear to bulge or the weight of the water may cause it to begin to sag. While you will clearly need to repair or even replace your roof, if you do not also deal with your gutters, the problem will occur again and you will need to pay for repairs again and again. So be sure that you deal with your gutters as well when such issues occur. Installing new gutters with built-in gutter guards can resolve this problem once and for all.

Your Basement Keeps Flooding

If you have started to have serious problems with basement flooding in your home when it rains or when snow and ice from winter weather begins to melt, you may think that the problem is your roof. However, it is actually more likely that the problem is your rain gutters.

The gutters that surround your roof should be solid and should be flush to your home, meaning that there are no gaps or spaces between your roof and your gutter. When there are gaps or holes along the plane of your home, much if not all of the water from your roof will run into that gap rather than into your gutters.

Similarly, if there are holes in the actual gutter from rust or other damage, water will run straight down and saturate your foundation causing basement flooding. When your gutters are damaged or warped and pulling away from your home, you will be better off investing in new gutter installation to resolve the problem and prevent future flooding in your basement.

These are a few of the major signs that you are experiencing a problem with your rain gutters rather than or along with your roof. Knowing this information will help you to determine what you need to do to get you home back to looking great and functioning well. Contact a company like Innovations Siding & Windows to learn more about gutter installation.