Having window coverings on your windows is important if you want to provide yourself and your family with privacy and if you want to shield your home from the sun. However, you might be unsure of which window coverings to choose when there are so many options out there. For example, you might be trying to choose between shades and blinds. These are a few signs that shades are a good choice.

1. You Have Kids or Pets

The truth is that both kids and pets can be pretty hard on blinds. Cats often like to play with the slats on blinds, and both cats and dogs can try to push the slats to the side so that they can look outside. Kids who aren't yet sure of how to use blinds properly can also be hard on them and can cause slats to fall out or become misaligned. Shades can be an easier choice. If they are mounted properly, there isn't a major risk of them being pulled down, and they can be less prone to damage. 

2. You Want Them to Be Easy to Clean

Blinds are notorious for being difficult to clean. After all, who really wants to wipe down each slat individually? Even though there are a lot of tips and tricks out there that are supposed to make it easier for you to clean your blinds, the truth is that it's generally a lot easier to just wipe down shades. If you're looking to cut down on the amount of housework that you have to do -- and help prevent the embarrassment that can go along with someone seeing the accumulation of dust on your blind slats -- you may find that shades are a better option for your household.

3. You Want to Provide Better Sun Protection

Some people prefer blinds because they make it easier to let a little bit of natural light in. However, if you are mainly concerned about keeping sunlight out, you might find that shades are more effective at shielding your home from the sun's rays, which can help you reduce your cooling bills and can help protect your furnishings and flooring from fading.

As you can see, there are some cases in which shades are a better choice than blinds. Looking at all of your options and comparing them, however, can help you make the right choice. Talk to a window store near you to learn about what option would work best for your windows.