If you live somewhere that gets a lot of hurricane warnings, you need to make sure that you have adequate protection on your windows. Protecting your windows when a storm warning is issued should be your first priority. Protected windows will help keep flying objects out of your home. Additionally, well-secured windows will protect your home from the full force of any passing storms; when your windows are broken, additional air and pressure can get into your home, which can wreak havoc on the inside of your home. Here are a few suggestions for the best type of shutters depending on the situation that you find yourself in.

Least Expensive Shutters

If you don't have very much extra money to invest in protecting your windows, the best choice for you are plywood shutters. Plywood shutters are extremely affordable, although laborious, way to protect your home.

If you choose to use plywood shutters to protect your home, you need to make the shutters before you need them. To make the shutters, you are going to need to take measurements of your windows, including the frame, and then cut the plywood down to size. You are also going to want to install sliding locks so you can keep the boards in place.

When a warning is issued, you will need to lift the plywood covers into place over your windows, and lock them into place or bolt them into place to keep them secure.

Most Affordable Shutters

If you have some money to spend on your shutters, but don't have a ton of it to invest, the most affordable and strong shutter option that you can go with are accordion shutters. According shutters are stored in a box like structure on either the top of your window or on the side of your window. Most of the time they are discretely hidden out of the way. When a hurricane warning is issued, you just have to open up the box, expand the shutters and use the built-in clips to keep it in place.

Accordion shutters are generally made out of strong metal materials. They do require an up-front investment, but are long lasting and relatively easy to use.

Most Accessible Shutters

If you are not extremely physical mobile, the bust shutters you can install are automatic roll down shutters. These shutters are stored in a box very similar to the box that stores accordion shutter on the sides of your windows, this one is just located on the top of your windows.

When a storm is approaching, all you need to do to secure your home is press a button on the either the shutter box itself or on remote control. If you have mobility issues, make sure that your automatic roll down shutters are equipped with a controlled.

The key to keeping your home secure is to have shutters that are you able to operate and afford available to put to use whenever a storm warning is issued for your area. Go here for more about this topic.